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Tai O

As a freshman, I am still finding goals for my future, like struggling in the middle of the ocean. There are always risqué moves when you are experimenting things; hmm… at least I gave it a try (I could still afford the time.. I guess). Putting myself into a Professional Communication major was one of my recent experiments; that was pleasurable and forceful at the same time. Many of my classmates had been reflecting about the sudden change from writing formal essays to imaginary creative writing pieces. Personally, I prefer writing in casual than formal words, because they push me to think outside the box, after all, the purpose of writing is to communicate.

Coming to the last days of this semester, I was actually surprised that I did survive in the class full of native writers. There’s still a long way to go. Although I may not end up working in the field, it was a nice experience working with all the future journalists. You guys opened my eyes and I enjoyed every bit of it.


George Orwell meet … Mark Zuckerberg

Big Brother Is Watching You

In the article George Orwell meet … Mark Zuckerberg, Lori Andrews took reference from Orwell’s classic 1984 to communication nowadays. He mentioned the changes of identity and privacy nowadays ever since the very first idea of social network has developed, which reminds us to the state of the society under the monitor of ‘big brother’ in the book.

As a big fan of his literature, I can’t help but imagine that George Orwell would be proud. Perhaps we have already built the Ministry of Truth among our networks, as every of our move is track-able. I mean, there is no doubt the Internet has a mega-powerful influence on the 21st century, it is like our second skin but however, there are costs of that: ripping off our freedom. I’ve mentioned the Internet can actually tear us apart from reality in my previous blogposts, and friendship does not meant to be in black and white (think of the fake friendships that only last in your screen, and that ‘unfriend’ button).

It is hard to avoid having any contact with the modern ‘big brother’ nowadays, unless you live in Mars.


What is outside your binoculars?

What is outside your binoculars?

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Internet, that, I think we all are these days. However, when it comes to reading, I still prefer physically holding a book or newspapers, they make me feel (look) so scholarly.

Sadly, we don’t get everything from the Internet.

I was inspired by this picture from , when I was aimlessly surfing around the Internet a few days ago. I realize how little do we know about the world when social media is our only source; there is always a better alternative. You see the gap behind the door? Maybe there is a scent of freshness from the grass that we can’t smell from the binoculars. Maybe there is a dragon spitting fire. Maybe your crush is there waiting for you to hold her/his hand.

There are a lot outside your screen. Friends aren’t meant to be in black and white.


@ Dining


“Thank you for the earrings.”

“As long as you like it.”

“I do. I’m kind of hungry.”

“Where do you want to eat?”

“You can make the cut.”

“What about… Italian?”

“We had Italian for lunch on Sunday.”


“You know I hate tacos.”

“Fine, fine. Maybe that music café at 51th Street?”

“A meal at a music café, seriously?”

“I’ve heard there are Japanese restaurants in Minneapolis.”


“Yea… Sushi, soba, udon noodles… things like that.”


“That’s just an option.”

“How about some Polish food.”

“You’ve been cooking Polish food for weeks.”

“You are exaggerating, and that’s where I’m from. I miss my food.”

“There are vegetarian options in that Japanese restaurant.”

“Really? Like what?”

“I don’t know, Connor said it’s nice.”

“Can you at least do some research before proposing something? ”

“For sure they have cucumber sushi, salad, Californian rolls…”

“Why did you say you don’t know when you do know something?”

“Jesus! What’s wrong with you?”

“All I want is some food. I thought you’re somewhat different.”

“All I did was suggesting choices for you. You should at least…”

“Let’s go to a Polish restaurant.”

“Say what?”

Photo: Tommy Ton

Thoughts about Instagram


If you wander along the metro line of a big city, look at the passengers around you: most of them have their smart phones glued to their palms, and perhaps most of them are using Instagram. Tap tap tap. It’s almost contagious. Why is it so admired? What will happen to Instagram in the future?

My friends went bananas when Instagram was first introduced, “This is exactly what I wanted.” I tried to think of  the reasons behind all of these, and here are several explanations that I came up with:

It’s uber user-friendly: take your snap, choose an effect, upload it, Geotagging, share to SNS or Flickr… with only 3 steps and you can complete everything above. Moreover, photos can be instantly shared to friends on the internet. There are a lot of similar photo-sharing apps on iPhone, but none of them bring you experiences as smooth as Instagram, because it doesn’t have any unnecessary functions.

However, I believe most of the users had made a visit to the PC web version of the app, and let’s admit how suck it is: other than glancing at the photos, changing the password is the only other function it has. Many had been complaining about this, but I believe this is an intentional act:  ‘Insta’ from the word Instagram contains the meaning of ‘instant’, but it’s almost impossible for a PC web to be as instant as a smartphone. I mean, even if the piece of  information can be uploaded straightaway to the web, other Instagram users (presumably) will not carry their PCs everywhere and visit the web. Only instant mobile devices have their significance. That’s because when the user needs it, it is possible for them to access instantly (and thanks to the notification bubbles) to the app.

It’s also comical to see the patterns of how other users are using Instagram, and I’m thrilled to see how the community of Instagram will be in the future.

At the moment, I can see  2 types of users: the first are the kind of people who snap whatever they experience, allowing everyone to access his/her personal life. “Nice shot bro”. “Ill n—a alert! Ill n—a alert!” “I come to award shows for twerking.” “Thanks bb”; the others are perfectionists who would rather publish a small amount of qualitative photos (possibly after a shedloads of Photoshop work) with a massive of likes and followers.

And of course there are users who manage to be in both types.

But which of the two will be the final focus of Instagram in the future? At this point, I cannot confirm you with anything. But according to unofficial statistics from my friends, the level of fulfillment and the number of likes/followers has a positive correlation.


Hello World

It took a long way from Heathrow Hong Kong to Wisconsin, 20+ hours… and I’m finally here! Anyway, this blog is all about things that caught my attention, inspirations from happenings around me … (maybe stories from UK and the East) !

As this is my first blogpost, it would be better for me to seek advice from the pros in the field. And here comes the light from , 16 Top Tips from Top Blogging Experts for Beginners, which sounds pretty useful at this point.

Moz’s Rand Fishkin suggests that blogging requires time and patience for getting attention (Tip 11), as we learn to blog from experience. So attention-seeking bloggers, take note.

I’m really impressed by Tip 14 (Be Yourself by Aaron Lee), as Fishkin also responded, “Emotion and storytelling have been part of how we communicate with each other and inspire action for thousands of years”. Hate it when people try hard to impress the crowd by doing posts that they believe everybody likes, and fails to maintain special core; this, in my opinion,  camouflages his or her own unique personality. Why bother to blog then?

Lastly, from Tip 8 (Be Consistent by Neil Patel), it’s better to update the blog frequently in order to get more of your readers. And so, get yourself weekly updated here!

Check out the passage below:

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