by itsalexma

Tai O

As a freshman, I am still finding goals for my future, like struggling in the middle of the ocean. There are always risqué moves when you are experimenting things; hmm… at least I gave it a try (I could still afford the time.. I guess). Putting myself into a Professional Communication major was one of my recent experiments; that was pleasurable and forceful at the same time. Many of my classmates had been reflecting about the sudden change from writing formal essays to imaginary creative writing pieces. Personally, I prefer writing in casual than formal words, because they push me to think outside the box, after all, the purpose of writing is to communicate.

Coming to the last days of this semester, I was actually surprised that I did survive in the class full of native writers. There’s still a long way to go. Although I may not end up working in the field, it was a nice experience working with all the future journalists. You guys opened my eyes and I enjoyed every bit of it.