B.F.F. (Black Friday Fanaticism)

by itsalexma

Black Friday

It was still the illustrious Black Friday a few hours ago and I didn’t choose to enter the arena, but I hope you guys had a good one! Apparently, I received orders from friends in Hong Kong and London, even from my brother in Vancouver. That bloke demanded me to go and at least buy something for them (aimlessly). Sorry guys, unfortunately I do not think I’m used to the habit of shopping aimlessly across the stores anymore. I GET WHAT I NEED NOW (ahem, my stolen Comme des Garçons wallet and earphones). Be qualitative.

However, the rumored madness reminds me of a Youtube video:

The above probably shows:

1)   How cool the T by Alexander Wang clothes are to the fashion people

2)   The T by Alexander Wang clothes are economic goods

3)   One of the features from the characteristics of humanities

What do you think about Black Friday? Were you one of them in Target?

Photo: imgace.com