George Orwell meet … Mark Zuckerberg

by itsalexma

Big Brother Is Watching You

In the article George Orwell meet … Mark Zuckerberg, Lori Andrews took reference from Orwell’s classic 1984 to communication nowadays. He mentioned the changes of identity and privacy nowadays ever since the very first idea of social network has developed, which reminds us to the state of the society under the monitor of ‘big brother’ in the book.

As a big fan of his literature, I can’t help but imagine that George Orwell would be proud. Perhaps we have already built the Ministry of Truth among our networks, as every of our move is track-able. I mean, there is no doubt the Internet has a mega-powerful influence on the 21st century, it is like our second skin but however, there are costs of that: ripping off our freedom. I’ve mentioned the Internet can actually tear us apart from reality in my previous blogposts, and friendship does not meant to be in black and white (think of the fake friendships that only last in your screen, and that ‘unfriend’ button).

It is hard to avoid having any contact with the modern ‘big brother’ nowadays, unless you live in Mars.