How many more generations do I have to wait for?

by itsalexma

So, reviews were published a few months ago about the 1st generation of the Google Glass. Not only being quite a shocking idea, it was expected to be one of the biggest inventions after iPhone; fashion brand Diane von Furstenberg even promotes them in her fashion show (below), which pushes the device towards a more fashionable boundary.

DVF Google Glass

I thought it was some sort of super shades that allows us physically connect Google with our brains… hmm… I wish. But it seemed like the critics (who are the only ones who had tried it) didn’t enjoy much:

Several months later, the multinational corporation decided to make something that is more ‘popularized’ to the public, and is responsible for this:

Google Glass 2nd

According to Hypebeast, “The tech giant has outfitted Glass (2nd generation) with a hardware update, as well as a new earbud system to replace the previous bone-conduction speaker. Further, the device will also be compatible with prescription eyeglasses, expanding on the strategy to make Glass a universal everyday accessory.”

Although there are more features coming up, it still damages our wallets a bit.

Photo: Hypebeast