What is outside your binoculars?

by itsalexma

What is outside your binoculars?

I have an unhealthy obsession with the Internet, that, I think we all are these days. However, when it comes to reading, I still prefer physically holding a book or newspapers, they make me feel (look) so scholarly.

Sadly, we don’t get everything from the Internet.

I was inspired by this picture from 9gag.com , when I was aimlessly surfing around the Internet a few days ago. I realize how little do we know about the world when social media is our only source; there is always a better alternative. You see the gap behind the door? Maybe there is a scent of freshness from the grass that we can’t smell from the binoculars. Maybe there is a dragon spitting fire. Maybe your crush is there waiting for you to hold her/his hand.

There are a lot outside your screen. Friends aren’t meant to be in black and white.

Photo: 9gag.com