by itsalexma

Fall 001

love to travel.

This is my nth time visiting America and I love this place. But in the past I was wandering around in big cities like a typical tourist, so this is probably my 1st proper Fall in the States (if you can call it authentic). I’m lucky enough to have pals who own cabins in Wisconsin; it was such a paradise and everything is so organically cool.

Fall 002

What does the fox say. It’s real. I did wrap it around my collar.

Fall 003

A proper Fall experience would never complete without having s’mores next to a bon fire with this lake-view.

Ryan brought Zach and I to fish in this lake. It was my first time to fish and I caught a bass! A seriously lively moving fish. It was chillier down the water; the sky turned gray and it started to rain. It was rather fictional until the engine of our boat froze down in the middle of the lake, where we drifted like post-shipwreck survivors for 30 mins, before the boat successfully resurrected itself.

Fall 004

It wasn’t my first time carving a pumpkin, but it certainly was for Aashna. She grabbed the blade and pierced the pumpkin fiercely.

Talk about the thriller Saw.

Maybe she was a professional in her previous life and who knows. But that was great. At least it grabbed our attention.

Fall 005

Who doesn’t love colors? Fortunately we came here in the right time.

Well, it’s going to snow very soon.