Thoughts about Instagram

by itsalexma


If you wander along the metro line of a big city, look at the passengers around you: most of them have their smart phones glued to their palms, and perhaps most of them are using Instagram. Tap tap tap. It’s almost contagious. Why is it so admired? What will happen to Instagram in the future?

My friends went bananas when Instagram was first introduced, “This is exactly what I wanted.” I tried to think of  the reasons behind all of these, and here are several explanations that I came up with:

It’s uber user-friendly: take your snap, choose an effect, upload it, Geotagging, share to SNS or Flickr… with only 3 steps and you can complete everything above. Moreover, photos can be instantly shared to friends on the internet. There are a lot of similar photo-sharing apps on iPhone, but none of them bring you experiences as smooth as Instagram, because it doesn’t have any unnecessary functions.

However, I believe most of the users had made a visit to the PC web version of the app, and let’s admit how suck it is: other than glancing at the photos, changing the password is the only other function it has. Many had been complaining about this, but I believe this is an intentional act:  ‘Insta’ from the word Instagram contains the meaning of ‘instant’, but it’s almost impossible for a PC web to be as instant as a smartphone. I mean, even if the piece of  information can be uploaded straightaway to the web, other Instagram users (presumably) will not carry their PCs everywhere and visit the web. Only instant mobile devices have their significance. That’s because when the user needs it, it is possible for them to access instantly (and thanks to the notification bubbles) to the app.

It’s also comical to see the patterns of how other users are using Instagram, and I’m thrilled to see how the community of Instagram will be in the future.

At the moment, I can see  2 types of users: the first are the kind of people who snap whatever they experience, allowing everyone to access his/her personal life. “Nice shot bro”. “Ill n—a alert! Ill n—a alert!” “I come to award shows for twerking.” “Thanks bb”; the others are perfectionists who would rather publish a small amount of qualitative photos (possibly after a shedloads of Photoshop work) with a massive of likes and followers.

And of course there are users who manage to be in both types.

But which of the two will be the final focus of Instagram in the future? At this point, I cannot confirm you with anything. But according to unofficial statistics from my friends, the level of fulfillment and the number of likes/followers has a positive correlation.