5 Things I Hate Under the Rain

by itsalexma


The canvas turned grey and it rained cats and dogs last night. I went to Applebee’s with my crew, we were all soaking wet when we were back to our place.

In general, people in the West don’t carry umbrellas as much as we do in Hong Kong. There are A LOT OF problems derived from carrying that canopy under the showers, especially when an inconsiderate jerk is around. Here are 5 of the common selfish behaviors I’ve experienced:

1. Carrying it obliviously rambling across the pavement

Here comes the people carry their gigantic umbrellas in a narrow pavement— rampaging towards the opposite direction of the crowd, crashing at the pedestrians without any signs of confessions.

2. Blaze a trail

When the streets were packed they thoughtlessly raise their wet umbrellas 45 up to make their way through the crowd.

3. Spinning umbrellas

Not only kids, some adults like to spin their umbrellas under the rain, like a Japanese Explosive Shoot Beyblade; droplets whirl in the air and fall onto their peers.

4. Closing a wet umbrella in front of another person

They close their dripping-wet-umbrellas in front of the people around; dirty rainwater instantly splashes across the area.

5. Placing wet umbrellas on public facilities

Needless to describe, public transports are always packed during peak hours, the bastards decided to put their wet umbrellas on the seats thus that they can occupy multiple seats.

Photo: Apple – Next Media Asia